There’s been a widespread, noticeable trend in the world of bedroom design over recent years. We’ve been heading in the direction of spartan space-economy, minimalism and shades of subtle grey. In many cases, this has come at the expense of that often all-important sense of hospitability and homeliness. For some of us, the bedroom remains a place to get cosy, rather than simply sleep.

But exactly how can we create a traditional-style bedroom, and evoke that nostalgic sense that so many of us crave? Let’s take a look at some tricks worth deploying.


If you’re looking to put distance between yourself and all thing synthetic, then opting for wooden furniture is an excellent way to do it. If your budget stretches for it, you might go for a solid hardwood bedframe. If you aren’t quite so fortunate, on the other hand, you might go for something veneered – which in practice might achieve the same effect. 

The same applies to your wardrobes, where wood-effect can be an effective money-saver. You’ll be able to eliminate clutter by going made-to-measure, while bringing that natural look into the room with the help of timber.

Add your own Personality

You can inject a little bit of yourself by choosing a colour scheme that reflects your personal taste. So, if you’re a fan of purple, then going for neutral-shaded violet walls can be hugely effective. Think about the shade of timber you’re going to be incorporating, and use a little bit of colour theory to find a colour palette that matches nicely. 


Going for more ornate trim around the coving, skirting board and architrave will help to create more visual interest, and evoke the more maximalist style that’s not quite in vogue these days.


You can replicate the look and feel of older-style bulbs by going for warmer LED ones. You’ll get the advantages of a modern energy-efficient bulb, without the sterility that too often goes with them.

Focus on accent items

Smaller items can make a huge difference as accent pieces, especially if they’re from a bygone era. After all, what’s more likely to evoke a sense of nostalgia and of old times than an antique lamp, or nightstand? Have a look around car boot sales and charity shops; you may well come across a hidden gem or two. And that’s all you need to swing the aesthetic of your room!

Published on Holr Magazine