In recent days, Mariah Carey has impressed not only fans but also the world community when releasing a collection of 2021 pride month merchandise to express her love and create a fashion icon for the LGBT community. 


Over the past few years, Mariah Carey has also wowed fans around the world with a capsule collection of Pride merchandise since 2017. The collection includes hoodies, tank tops, pants, and phone cases. Carey even wore a shirt with a rainbow image to honor the pride month. And now she’s back with her pride month 2021 merchandise collection with even more accessories and outfits.

The 13-piece collection includes sportswear such as hoodies, T-shirts, tank tops, shorts designed in rainbow colours, featuring Mariah Carey’s signature image printed on the shirt or the sparkling butterfly details attached the clothes make the costumes both outstanding and classic from years past. In particular, the design of the Loverboy oversized tee t-shirts must be mentioned; or the Glitter Tie Dye Tee is dyed by colours and designs with extremely retro style. While these outfits can have a nostalgic feel when combined with other items, they still create a very trendy, modern, and never-of-fashion look. 

Notably, this collection is inspired by Carey’s famous albums and hits like “Loverboy” or “Heartbreaker” printed on the t-shirts. And most significantly, on the black glitter tee shirt, there is also an image of Carey wearing a T-shirt with the words “Billie.” If we pay close attention, we can recognize this as the name of the character the singer played in the movie “Glitter” in 2001. The glitter detail is both a highlight on the shirt and a connection to this movie.

Besides, the collection also includes a throw shade fan, rainbow wall flag, mask, hat, and socks. All of these accessories are printed with the word Mariah in rainbow colours as a highlight when wearing the outfit. In particular, during this current Covid epidemic, the Mariah Pride Face Mask product has almost sold out with the need not only to prevent the pandemic but also to show the love by fans and the LGBT community for the singer.

Mariah Carey Pride Month 2021 merchandise ranges from $15 to $60 and is available for purchase now at