Is Mariah Carey on Ozempic?

The rumor mill is churning, and it is alleging that Mariah Carey is on Ozempic. Is this true? TikTok users took to the comment section of this video posted by @mariahcarey on the platform to discuss the singer’s weight loss allegations.

Image Credit: @mariahcarey TikTok

Does Mariah Carey use Ozempic?

In the video, Carey is dressed in a festive outfit and singing. TikTok users took to the comment section to suggest that Carey looks like she lost weight due to using Ozempic.

Image Credit: @mariahcarey TikTok

Image Credit: @mariahcarey TikTok

It’s important to note that these are rumors and there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Carey is using Ozempic. This article claims that Carey has undergone weight reduction procedures to help with her performance.

How much money does Mariah Carey make from All I Want for Christmas?

According to this article, Carey makes approximately $2.5 million in royalties every year for the song, according to a 2016 study conducted by The Economist.

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