Mario Lopez Zendaya Blind Item

A blind item posted on Kyle Marissa Roths Tik Tok account expresses that Mario Lopez allegedly acted inappropriately toward Zendaya in 2015. Zendaya was nineteen years old at the time and Mario Lopez was 42 years old.

Mario Lopez Zendaya 2015

Zendaya Mario Lopez 2015

The blind item alleged that in 2015, Mario Lopez wouldn’t stop “hitting on her, calling and texting her”. It also alleged that it was “almost non stop” at the time the blind item was submitted in 2015.

Mario Lopez Controversy Alleged

Tik Tok users took to the comments of the video to offer their two cents on the matter with none of them being particularly favourable. One comment said, “I can speak from personal experience that Mario Lopez is a creep.. all I can say is that the halls at Universal carry sound.”

Mario Lopez Cheating Night Before Wedding

Another user commented, “Mario has always been nasty. He cheated on his first wife the night before their wedding.” Mario Lopez allegedly cheated on his first wife Miss Universe Ali Landry and she divorced him within a week of marriage as a result.

One woman added, “my husband ex husband went to high school with him in Chula Vista CA. He has always been the same.”

Zendaya has never commented on her experience with Mario Lopez.

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