Lifetime Movie’s newest project focuses on the Heidi Broussard murder, Emily Osment set to play Magen Fieramusca.

Four years after Magen Fieramusca murdered Heidi Broussard, Lifetime is turning the story into a movie.

And Emily Osment (Young Sheldon) will portray Fieramusca opposite Anna Hopkins as Broussard.

Also, the movie will premier on premiere on Sept. 23, click here to see the trailer.

“Pretending to be pregnant at the same time as her friend, Magen makes the journey from Houston to Austin to be by Heidi’s side once she learns she is ready to give birth.”

“However, when Heidi goes missing with her newborn daughter just a few weeks after giving birth, suspicions about Magen’s loyalty and her true intentions are questioned. Authorities begin to suspect that she is hiding a huge secret as they begin to uncover her twisted and elaborate plan.”

The trailer, exclusive to ET depicts real elements of the horrific crime.

Who is Magen Fieramusca?

As of February of this year, A Texas court Judge sentenced native Magen Fieramusca to 55 years in prison.

emily osment stolen baby lifetime movie

Credit Image: Yaron Steinbuch New York Post

Due to a plea bargin, Fieramusca was found guilty of first degree murder of her “best friend” in a depraved scheme to abduct her newborn baby and call the infant her own.

DA José Garza said, “We are hopeful that this outcome will bring some closure to the Broussard and Carey families and help them continue their healing process.”

“This outcome will save the families from having to endure the difficult post-conviction litigation process. We are grateful to our prosecutors and law enforcement partners who worked tirelessly on this case and secured justice for the victim’s families and our community.”

The real life crimes of Emily Osment’s character Fieramusca.

Previously, Fieramusca had faked her pregnancy for months before strangling Broussard with a dog leash and abducting her baby.

emily osment stolen baby Heidi Broussard

Credit Image: Heidi Broussard Facebook

First, sources claimed Fieramusca showed up in the hospital to hold Broussard’s hand while she was in labor, growing somber and quickly leaving.

Second, just 3 weeks after giving birth, Broussard and baby Margot disappeared from their home on Dec. 12, 2019.

Third, a search for Broussard led police to the home of Fieramusca where they found Broussard and her baby.

And thankfully, Margot was found unharmed and returned to her father.

Finally, an autopsy revealed the cause of death as ligature strangulation by a dog leash.

Subsequently, the DA intially charged Fieramusca with capital murder before pleading out.

“On January 31, the District Attorney’s Office expects Megan [Magen] Fieramusca to plead guilty to the murder of Heidi Broussard.”

Addtionally, the DA stated that the plea involved conditions that waived Fieramusca’s right to appeal.

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