Prime Video recently launched The Lake, a new Amazon Original comedy series featuring Julia Stiles and Jordan Gavaris.

Julia Stiles and Jordan Gavaris Stars In an Amazon Original Comedy Series “The Lake”

Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios / Prime Video

Keep your enemies close, and your family closer…

Summer getaway, sibling rivalry, and everything in between is what you can expect in The Lake.  The new Amazon Original series stars Jordan Gavaris (Orphan Black) and Julia Stiles (Hustlers, The Bourne Identity) as rival step-siblings. The series follows Justin (Gevaris) after returning from living abroad after breaking up with a long-term partner. In hopes to find a connection with his biological daughter Billie whom he gave up for adoption in his teens, the two travels to his idyllic childhood summer town to make lasting memories together. However, once they reach the beautiful sunny town, Justin’s life goes awry when he finds out that his “picture-perfect” stepsister inherited his childhood family cottage. Enraged, obviously, Justin convinces his daughter to help him take back what he rightfully thinks is his. 

Julia Stiles and Jordan Gavaris Stars In an Amazon Original Comedy Series “The Lake”

Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios / Prime Video

Julia Stiles plays Julian’s picture-perfect yet wicked stepsister, Maisy-May. The two crash heads trying to one-up each other with what could only be described as petty sibling rivalry—there are talks of locking in the trunk of a car, backstabbing, breaking and entering… you know? Basic sibling drama. The rift between the two offers a hilarious rivalry, ideal for a quick, brainless binge-watch. Madison Shamoun (#blackAF, Black-Ish) plays Justin’s long-lost biological daughter. She is described as a city-loving girl who is naturally skeptical of her biological father. The series shows an exciting, hilarious, and heartwarming dynamic of a not-so-idyllic family. 


The Lake Season One Official Trailer

Watch the chaotic official trailer of The Lake below.

Aside from Gavaris, Stiles, and Shamoun, the show includes Terry Chen (Kung Fu), Jon Dore (Mash Up), and Carolyn Scott (Let’s Go Luna!). The rest of the ensemble includes Natalie Lisinka (Orphan Black), Travis Nelson (I am Syd Stone), Jared Scott (13 Reasons Why, Before We Go), and Declan Whaley (Puppy Place). 

The Lake is from the production of AMAZE under the executive production of Julian Doucet, who also serves as the show’s writer. 

The first season of The Lake premiered all of its eight episodes last June 17th, 2022. You can now stream the whole thing on Prime Video along with other Amazon Originals like The Boys, Upload, Reacher, and award-winning shows like Fleabag and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The Lake is available for streaming in 240 countries and territories worldwide. 

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