HOLR has the latest news- the famous and very talented Masaba Gupta and actor Styadeep Mishra announced their first pregnancy. 

The news was met with joy and excitement, with Masaba’s mother, the iconic Neena Gupta, expressing her delight in her endearing style.

Masaba Gupta, renowned for her unique fashion sense and trendsetting designs, and Satyadeep Misra, known for his versatile performances on screen, have been in a relationship for some time now. The couple has always kept their personal lives relatively private, but the announcement of their pregnancy has brought them into the spotlight once again, albeit in the most heartwarming manner.

They choose to share the combined post on Instagram today in a different way. All the people shared the good news with their photos but the couple shared this good news by posting a pregnant emoji in a purple dress with both sides of a yellow flower. The idea of announcing in this way is very unique. In another photo, she shared 2 emojis with heart eyes avatar, and in the last photo, the couple is sitting on the floor.

They chose the caption for the post: “In other news – Two little feet are on their way to us! Please send love, blessings and banana chips ( plain salted ONLY) #babyonboard #mom&dad”


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Masaba Gupta and  Satyadeep Mishra

Masaba and Satyadeep tied the knot in January 2023, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Masaba took to social media to share the joyous occasion with her followers, posting two beautiful pictures from their wedding ceremony. Alongside the captivating images, she penned a heartfelt caption that echoed the depth of their bond and the promise of a lifetime together. “Married my ocean of calm, this morning. Here’s to many many lifetimes of love, peace, stability & most importantly laughter. And thanks for letting me pick the caption – this is gonna be great!”

In these words, Masaba encapsulated the essence of their union – a union characterized by love, serenity, and shared laughter. Their journey together is imbued with warmth and affection, setting the stage for a lifetime of cherished moments and enduring companionship.

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