Three weeks after being hospitalized for treatment due to erratic behaviour and a naked LA promenade, Amanda Bynes is released from Mental Hospital.

Amanda Bynes' Conservatorship Officially Terminated

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According to TMZ’s report from Tuesday, Amanda Bynes left the facility on her own. She was apparently ready to return to her regular habits after consulting with the facility’s staff.

To ensure that she keeps making progress while receiving therapy, she will now enroll in an outpatient program. Bynes had been under conservatorship since 2013, but it was terminated last year, allowing her to resume enjoying more freedom.

According to a previous TMZ report, Bynes’ parents were not considering attempting to establish another conservatorship because she was doing okay before having a recent mental health crisis.

Amanda Bynes Placed On Psychiatric Hold After Spotted Naked In Public –  Hollywood Life

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When her automobile was towed in Long Beach on March 15, she reportedly spent four days straight wandering the streets of the Greater Los Angeles region before being taken to the hospital. She allegedly experienced manic episodes during that time.

On the day she checked into the rehab center, Amanda was reportedly seen strolling around in naked, but a witness informed TMZ that she had actually waved down a car for assistance. She must have been aware of her mental state because she called 911 to ask for help after emerging from a psychotic state.

Bynes was initially placed under a 72-hour psychiatric hold after being picked up, which was initially prolonged while her treatment team at the mental health hospital came up with a plan for her.

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