Feel that bitter nip in the air? HOLR’s menswear experts, the guys at Sören Custom, say bring it on! Follow their tips for building a wardrobe with these classic cold-weather fabrics and discover that the textiles your great granddaddy wore never looked better.

  • Got Silk?

FABRIC FACTS: Nothing says luxury like extra fine merino wool blended with the finest yarn in the world – we’re talking about silk! The merger creates a fabric that’s versatile with an understat – ed sheen and supple texture, ideal for any man on the move. STYLE TIP Spun from a hearty wool-blend, a lighter coloured suit can march straight into fall and never look back. To ground fair tones choose a simple white shirt

  • For Better or Worsted

FABRIC FACTS: Manufactured in Worstead, England since the eighteenth century, worsted wool consists of wool fibres spun into compact, smoothly twisted yarn that undergoes multiple combing processes to remove unwanted short fibres. Long fibres, lying flat and parallel, make it a popular choice for suiting and dress trousers that resist wrinkles and creases. STYLE TIP Elbow patches add instant personality. Select a contrasting fabric, like buttery suede, and reinforce the message with buttons and/or buttonholes stitched in a similar shade.

  • Cashmere ’n Carry

FABRIC FACTS: Found in India, Tibet, China and more, the extremely soft fibre comes from the Kashmir goat and is cultivated by combing the downy hair that grows beneath coarser exterior strands. The natural crimp of cashmere fibers allows them to interlock during processing, resulting in very fine, lightweight yarns that also boast warmth. STYLE TIP Use multiple patterns to give a layered look visual interest and help Grandpa’s sweater vest regain a youthful vibe. Aim for a mix of graphics both big and small.

  • Mohair, Do Care

FABRIC FACTS: Produced by the Angora goat, mohair wool is known for its silkiness and lustrous sheen. A very good insulator, mohair is also durable, breathable and lightweight. This all-star fabric also resists crushing, matting and pilling and does not stretch. STYLE TIP Rich jewel tones are the latest musthave hues in suiting. Push the envelope further and look for punchy prints to knock the wind out of traditional accessories, like a tie, pocket square, or, that’s right, an ascot.