Many of us picked up new hobbies during the pandemic or at least tried to. We all picked up a guitar or aimed to learn a new language, with an open mind and willingness to learn. But just because the lockdown is easing doesn’t mean there’s not still learn. 


This wave of productivity even influenced the former First Lady of the US. Michelle Obama, whilst on the Rachel Ray Show, revealed that she had picked up a new hobby. Knitting. A unique and old-fashioned hobby, it is easy to get hooked. Knitting can become addicting and incredibly time-consuming when you start to pick it up. 

Talking about her new hobbies, Michelle Obama stated that she has now knitted “a blanket, like five scarves, three halter tops, a couple of hats for Barack, and I just finished my first pair of mittens for Malia”. All of this was created over the course of the quarantine in Michelle’s spare time.

The ease of use of online forums, websites, and online shopping has meant we are able to try out a number of hobbies. Michelle Obama stated that she has become part of an online knitting community in which she anonymously gains assistance and advice from members.

The pandemic seemed like the perfect time for many of us to try new things as it offered us the opportunity of time. We all wish we didn’t work as many hours or didn’t have to put so much time into other tasks, but just because we are going back to work doesn’t mean the chance to learn is over. 

We Are Knitters have made it incredibly easy for you to get everything you need to start in an easy, convenient pack. Sustainable knitting and crocheting sets are available to order which allows you to create a number of homemade items. Now is the perfect time to start, and you will be able to create some warm, handmade items just in time for the cold weather.

The Baltic Snood is a great project to start on. It is a convenient item that can keep you warm, but it is also a great first project to get the hang of knitting.

For a bigger project, try your hand knitting this cardigan. It may be more difficult, but cardigans and knitwear are becoming very on-trend and are a great item for layering in the cold weather.

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