Matt Healy shares a personal update after his breakup with Taylor Swift

Matt Healy alludes to his split from Taylor Swift during one of his recent concerts where he updates fans on his personal well-being.

During his show in Vienna Monday night, Matt Healy was seen using some dangerous methods to cope with his personal struggles; as he smoked cigarettes and drank from a flask. It’s unlikely that the timing of this is coincidental considering his public breakup with Taylor Swift.

He’s been receiving heavy backlash from Swifties during and following their breakup and it’s obvious that this has been affecting him.

Public response

His fans have continued to show their support. A video, posted by @vibessersa, on Twitter, shows Healy addressing the crowd saying, “My friend has some very, very beautiful signs beautiful signs that said, ‘you are loved’.” Then he hints at their breakup, “That was very kind of you. I’m sure that that’s alluding to…” Though he doesn’t directly mention Taylor, considering the context, it’s pretty clear what he’s likely referring to.

He speaks about how he is currently doing somewhat dismissing the fan’s sign by adding “I’ve not been online, but what I have been with is with my boys, and honestly, as much as I appreciate that, it’s so beautiful, and I thank you, but I don’t need it because I’ve got them.”

It seems like their breakup may be just as controversial as their relationship.

Published by HOLR Magazine