Mayana Genevière, founded by Nadine Woods, is a fast-growing luxury lingerie start-up that is BIPOC female-founded and owned. All of their garments are ethically made, using sustainable fabrics in their own factory in Toronto.  

MG creates one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly undergarments that empower women through supportive fit and conscious design, allowing them to feel beautiful, comfortable and equally sensual at every stage. Most notably, MG is home to the world’s only bra that women can nurse with, without a clasp. Their patented design has the function and support of a true-to-size bra.

Mayana Genevière’s signatures are the Patented ALUXTRA clasp-free technology that makes breastfeeding easier with cups that descend and retract for effortless skin-to-skin contact. Diamond centre detail is a sliding breastfeeding indicator, so you always know which side you last nursed on. Thin & adjustable straps so you can wear it under anything and dress it up for a night out. Made with care ethically in-house at our Toronto studio. 

The innovative patented ALUXTRA Clasp-free Technology came to life from Nadine’s own post-children experience after the birth of her daughter in 2009 when she envisioned undergarments that were functional and stylish contrary to the wardrobe selection that was available on the market. True to her socially responsible nature, Nadine is committed to sustainable sourcing from fabrics to production and oversees the quality and manufacturing process of every garment.

Recently, MG launched their Glamour Masks! They are reusable face masks, which are made with the recommended fabrics of 100% woven cotton with a 615 count and a polypropylene filter for best performance. Every mask is designed with the requirements of full coverage and a snug fit around your face. 

The 100% Cotton Face Masks come in three sizes: Youth or Small, Medium and Large. Youth and Large come in Stone and Black. And Medium comes in Stone, Black and Red. You can buy a 3-pack, 12-pack or just one mask.

Their Hight Quality reusable masks also come in Leopard Lace, Medallion Lace Eyelash Lace in Red, White and Black. The lace is delicately placed over a stone base mask which enhances the stunning details. The masks have an adjustable nose wire that prevents fogging of glasses, soft elastic ear loops, contoured stylish and distinct feminine look and they come with a reusable plastic pouch for transport.






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