Sustainable fashion is all the rave as so many brands are changing their platform to better the future health of the planet, and the future of fashion. 

NAFSI is a sustainable luxury brand, launching their capsule 2 collection features pieces that have masculine cuts with a feminine touch, creating pieces that are more gender-neutral. Their collections are handcrafted from deadstock fabric, by hand, creating made to order pieces in limited and small batches. 

NAFSI’s upcycling partners use 100% of their fabric proceeds to support newcomer women in Canada and underprivileged children around the world. 

NAFSI is a brand that believes in slow fashion. Slow fashion is the complete opposite of fast fashion. Like many other fashion retailers that most people shop from, fast fashion is consuming fashion that is always in style and always changing. 

Slow fashion on the other hand is the complete opposite. Slow fashion is timeless, allowing for the clothes being made to always stay in style. It also takes into consideration how and who is making these products. 

NAFSI is a made to order brand, and they use slow fashion as their headline because they want to preserve the natural fabrics around the world, and create clothes that are long-lasting and sustainable. 

This capsule 2 collection follows the successful capsule 1 collection. Many pieces embody gender-neutral compositions. 

The JO 

This embroidered jacket has a structured look and a relaxed fit, this gender-neutral jacket is made from upcycled fabrics by hand and costs $310. 


This classic linen shirt can be worn as a shirt or as a dress, this classic piece showcases the masculine/feminine juxtaposition and reimagines the contemporary attitude of the style. With gold accent buttons, this shirt costs $195. 


These pants are a made to order basis, with a tight waist and a straight leg these pants can be worn casually or dressed up. 100% of the fabric proceeds support newcomer women in Canada. These pants cost $170. 

For more styles and pictures all of these pieces including other collections can be ordered exclusively through the website