Canada Goose has elected to stop using fur in their garments by the end of this year. By 2022, the luxury parka and down jacket brand will no longer be producing garments with new fur.

Losing the fur is just one step in Canada Goose’s plan to become more environmentally friendly, as the fashion industry continues to trend towards sustainability. Nordstrom announced in September that it would cease the sale of items made from exotic animal skins such as alligators, snakes and kangaroos by the end of the year. Luxury brands Burberry and Prada have made similar commitments to cut out exotic furs in recent years.

Canada Goose’s signature parka has long come with a coyote fur trim around the hood. The trim has become so embedded in the brand’s image that Canada Goose has for better or worse become synonymous with the use of fur, until recently standing by their decision to keep using fur even as others in the industry have reduced their consumption of fur. Canada Goose will stop purchasing new coyote fur entirely by 2022, but will begin and continue to use reclaimed fur already present in their supply chain on new models. This will also include buying back fur trims from customers coats to recycle the material for new production.

The decision was met with praise from Claire Bass, the director of the Humane Society, who called the move a “major blow to the global fur trade.” PETA has been petitioning Canada Goose to halt manufacturing with fur since 2006, starting a full-blown campaign against the brand in 2017 complete with billboards, fliers on physical retailers, and multiple court battles. Peta also acquired stock in Canada Goose in 2017, allowing them to file shareholder resolutions with the company to issue their demands.

In spite of all this, Canada Goose says the move to abandon new fur use was not a response to pressure from other organizations.

In fact, Canada Goose has even come under fire for the decision from the fur industry. And as the jackets remain a fashion status-symbol, it shows that consumers are still desire Canada Goose parkas, fur and all, even if the general consensus among the public and the industry alike is trending away from fur and animal products.