Can’t grow a moustache for Movember? Don’t worry, simply shop at these men’s fashion brands to support the Mo-vement. 

Men’s Fashion Brands with Movember charities

Movember is an annual fundraising event that’s held during the entire month of November. Its goal is to spread awareness about men’s health. If you’ve heard of it, then you know that this movement is all about growing a stache for the whole month of November as a way to start a conversation regarding men’s health issues. It’s also used to raise money to fund cancer research and mental health programs. Recently, Movember pledged to reduce the male suicide rate by 25%

There are plenty of ways to get involved in Movember without needing to grow facial hair. We even outlined some creative ways and how to get involved with Movember in a recent article. Participants can either run or walk for the movement or hold a virtual gathering with friends. But if those activities don’t entice you– maybe you can’t grow a stache or have limited time to finish the 60-kilometre challenge, then perhaps shopping will do the trick? Below, we listed some men’s fashion brands that support Movember and other men’s health charities. 

Jack & Jones

Men’s Fashion Brands with Movember charities

Photo Credit: Movember

Menswear brand, Jack & Jones is one of Movember’s official promotional partners. In a recent blog post, Movember and the style experts at Jack & Jones shared some style tips to complement that handsome “lip sweater” (their words, not mine) of yours! Jack & Jones is also currently having a Black Friday sale so might as well use this time to stock up on sweaters and other winter accessories. For the entire month of November, Jack & Jones will be accepting donations in-store intending to raise $50,000 for men’s health. 

MR PORTER Go Out Collection

Men’s Fashion Brands with Movember charities

Photo Credit: MR PORTER

The menswear e-commerce site, MR PORTER recently launched the “Go Out” collection in celebration of their Health in Mind Fund’s second anniversary. An initiative dedicated to helping men lead a happier life, MR PORTER Health in Mind Fund is powered by Movember Foundation. For the entire month of October, profits from the “Go Out” collection went to charity. But it’s never too late to participate since the collection is still available to shop on their website and you can still donate to Movember through their portal. 

The “Go Out” collection is a curated collection list of the best outdoor and lifestyle brands. The goal of the campaign is to celebrate the “good times with friends in the great outdoors.” 

Mo Merch

The next best thing to having a moustache is by wearing it in a shirt. Support the cause by shopping at their own Movember merch collection. All proceeds will help fund future Movember projects. 

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