Michelle Obama and Bruce Springsteen

Michelle Obama

Photo Credits: Twitter / @MariaCuso

During a concert in Barcelona on Friday, Bruce Springsteen was joined on stage by Michelle Obama. They sang together the hit Glory Days, as People notes. However, the former first lady was not the only one who joined the singer. Kate Capshaw and Patti Scialfa, band member and Bruce’s wife, joined the show as well.

Watch the video of the three singing backing vocals, here.

Before making an appearance on stage, Michelle Obama was seen dancing with her husband, Barack Obama, to the classic hit Dancing in the Dark.

Is Michelle Obama going to run for president?


The former first lady “may enter the 2024 presidential race”, although she has been denying any interest in running for president, as The Hill notes. The same source adds that Michelle Obama might be a favorite as a large number of Democrats don’t want Joe Biden to run again. “High-level Democrats are rallying to President Biden’s reelection, not because they think it’s in the best interest of the country to have an 82-year-old start a second term but because they fear the potential alternative: the nomination of Kamala Harris and election of Donald Trump,” a report wrote, as noted here.

How much is Michelle Obama worth?

According to this article, Michelle and Barack Obama have a net worth of approx. $70 million.

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