The former First Lady of the United States has a top-trending podcast on Spotify and we’re diving into all the reasons why it’s a must-listen.

The Michelle Obama Podcast is a must-listen on Spotify and a must-add to your list of podcasts to check out on the platform. It features Michelle Obama- former First Lady- as she uncovers truths and details regarding different relationships in our lives.

Michelle Obama has open, real, and honest conversations with loved ones which include family, friends, and colleagues in the industry who help her discover what makes us who we really are. These podcast episodes are incredibly moving and show us a side of Michelle Obama that we often don’t get the chance to see as she is a very public figure.

Michelle touches on a variety of topics of discussion such as; mentorship, the challenges of certain relationships, growing up, her former role as Frist Lady in her life after the White House, and so much more. Within this podcast series, Michelle is able to unpack a lot of difficult and trending topics that make this a true must-listen.

Listen to The Michelle Obama Podcast, Higher Ground today here.