Following the controversial documentary on Netflix, Dancing For the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult, fans are wondering if Miranda Derrick ended up attending sister Melanie’s wedding recently.

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June 6, 2024– Following the controversial Netflix documentary 3-part series, fans are wondering if Mirand and Melanie- sisters who grew apart after Miranda’s involvement with 7M Management and Shekinah Church- have reunited for Melanie’s wedding.

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Melanie Wilking (now Ekeler) recently got married, sharing photos of her wedding on Instagram here.


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In the carousel post, she can be seen with her new husband, as well as her parents. However, her sister is nowhere in sight.

Dancing for the Devil Netflix

During the documentary, Melanie mentioned how she always dreamed of having Miranda be her maid of honor at her wedding but that their relationship has been strained in recent years, following Moranda’s involvement with 7M Management and the Shekinah Church.  Miranda seemingly cut off her family after joining the church in which Melanie, her mom, and her dad have been trying to keep the lines of communication open with her.

7M TikTok Cult

During the documentary, we saw Melanie attempt to make amends with her sister by trying to meet with her and message her, however, Miranda does not seem to be willing to rebuild her relationship with her family in the doc. Although footage of Miranda and her family in recent months makes it seem as though they are in communication, fans think that the footage is just performative- so Miranda can post it on social media for views and to make it seem as though everything is normal. This has not been confirmed, but this is what people online are speculating. As a result, Melanie opened up in the doc about how she didn’t know if she was comfortable with Miranda being at her wedding anymore.

However, it seems as though Miranda did attend Melanie’s wedding, which took place on May 25, 2024. However, she was not the maid of honor, nor did it look like she was in the bridal party.

Miranda posted this picture series on her Instagram, which shows her in a black dress at the wedding.


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However, she did not post any images with her sister or her family. Fans took to the comment section to voice their opinions claiming that Miranda “broke” her sister’s heart and that she just showed up for “publicity.” Again- nothing has been confirmed surrounding these claims.

Miranda also took to her social media to share her statement regarding the newly released documentary. She states that she loves her family and responds to some allegations in the documentary saying that what she chooses to do with her life is up to her.

If you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary yet, here is a synopsis:

A group of prominent TikTok dancers are trapped in a cult masquerading as a management company called 7M. Among them is Miranda Wilking, whose family is desperately trying to get their daughter out. As other dancers and former members escape and work to rebuild their lives, it isn’t until they come together to try and put a stop to the cycle of their abuser that the real healing begins. This three part documentary series from director Derek Doneen, Dirty Robber and WV Alternative exposes the diabolical tactics used by cult-like organizations to exert control over people as well as the lengths families will go to keep their loved ones safe.

What are your thoughts on these claims?

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