These Dove necessities are changing the sanitizing game.

In a day in age where sanitization, and killing germs is top of mind, we can sometimes forget how damaging hand sanitizers and soaps can be in causing our skin to become super dry. Enter- the latest Dove products, featuring the Dove Nourishing Hand Sanitizer, and Dove Moisturizing Hand Wash.

Formulated with naturally derived alcohol to kill germs and bacteria, The Dove Nourishing Hand Sanitizer is also clinically proven to moisturize skin for up to 8 hours, with the help of Dove’s unique Moisturizing Blend. Dove is known for its intensely nourishing products, so it comes as no surprise that the brand’s hand sanitizer would be any different. The breakthrough formula is designed with Moisture Renew Blend, which will work in tandem with your skin to help nourish it and provide all the necessary antibacterial effectiveness to protect against dangerous germs and bacteria. 

Dove’s Nourishing Hand Sanitizer features a blend of Soybean Oil and Echium Seed Oil, which are both highly regarded for their hydrating properties. The blend also contains Stearic Acid, which is a skin-natural moisturizer that helps give your hands a super soft look and feel after use.

You can shop the latest Dove Nourishing Hand Sanitizer in Deep Moisture and Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla. The hand sanitizers also come in two convenient sizes:

  • The 238mL bottle will retail for approximately $6.47. It’s perfect for keeping by your desk or front door after popping out for errands.
  • The 59mL bottle will retail for approximately $3.47 and is ideal for toting around in your bag while you’re on the go. 

What’s great about the brand’s hand sanitizer is that it is PETA –certified, cruelty-free and packaged in 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Moving along to Dove’s Moisturizing Hand Wash, this is a must-have product for you to keep inside your home for everyday use. After effectively cleansing your hands in seconds, the product works to nourish your hands for hours afterwards. Developed with the 5x Moisture Blend, it features 5 skin nutrients and moisturizers to keep hands cleansed and well-nourished.

Available in 3 different variants, you can shop the latest Dove Moisturizing Hand Wash as follows:

  • The 400mL Antibacterial hand wash (protects the skin from dryness while killing harmful bacteria/germs) will retail for approximately $4.47 
  • The 400mL Deep Moisture hand wash (instantly soft skin) will retail for approximately $4.47
  • The 400mL Pampering Care (featuring Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla) hand wash will retail for approximately $4.47

It’s time to moisturize and protect with Dove.

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