Dove Body Wash is raising the bar by revealing its best-ever body wash, featuring a breakthrough formula with proprietary nanotechnology for 24-hour Renewing MicroMoisture.


Dove does it again.

The iconic body care brand is raising the bar once again with the introduction of its best-ever body wash. This body wash features a breakthrough formula with proprietary nanotechnology for 24-hour Renewing MicroMoisture. To celebrate this exciting innovation, Dove is introducing the #ChangeisBeautiful pop-up in Toronto this weekend! Plus, the brand’s #ChangeisBeautiful spokesperson, Annie Murphy, is chatting with HOLR about the launch!

Keep reading to learn all about the pop-up and to check out HOLR’s full conversation with actress and spokesperson, Annie Murphy, as well as the R&D Lead at Unilever, Kebrabe Shibeshi, who walks us through the brand’s innovative body wash and nanotechnology.

R&D Lead Kebrabe Shibeshi Talks Breakthrough Formula

HOLR was super excited to learn about Dove’s latest body wash as the launch features a breakthrough formula designed with proprietary nanotechnology for 24-hour Renewing Micromoisture. Kebrabe Shibeshi sat down to talk with us about the brand’s newest developments in body care as the R&D Lead at Unilever.

“Dove has a longstanding legacy,” Shibeshi states. “They hear consumers and listen to what they need.”

When discussing the brand’s formulation, Shibeshi goes into detail about Dove’s innovations. “From a formulation perspective, we are using very exclusive, plant-based ingredients,” says Shibeshi. “All moisturizers are not the same. That’s why- in this one- we brought in nanotechnology to penetrate into the upper layer and provide all hours of moisture. Nanotechnology is a key technology we use.” When diving into how this product features skin-loving ingredients, Shibeshi states, ” we have also infiltrated skin-natural ingredients.”

The product’s unique packaging also ensures you get to use every last bit. “I like the packaging, it’s different,” gushes Shibeshi. “As you use the product and flip it, you can get the last drop!”

What does #ChangeisBeautiful mean to spokesperson Annie Murphy?

Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy is a spokesperson for Dove’s #ChangeisBeautiful campaign. She sat down to chat with HOLR about everything- from what #ChangeisBeautiful means to hear, to the new Toronto-based pop-up, to her go-to Dove product.

annie murphy

“Dove has been a household name and item since I was a kid,” says Murphy when asked what she loves most about working with Dove. “Their branding encourages beauty of all different types, ages, races, and genders, so I think that their outlook on things and their philosophy are very similar to mine. I was really happy to be asked to be a part of this.”

As a #ChangeisBeautiful spokesperson, Murphy then chatted to us about the brand values she resonates with the most. “Beauty standards have changed so much- thankfully- in the last 20 years and it’s not just being tall, skinny, or young that’s considered beautiful. I think Dove’s embracing of this fact and promoting that fact is something that has really influenced me. I also resonate with Dove encouraging confidence, and positive self-esteem.”

So, what does #ChangeisBeautiful mean to Annie Murphy?

“I think change can be beautiful,” says Murphy. “I also think that change can be really scary and overwhelming, but trying to look at change with as open a mind as possible is a really important thing. It doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy. Looking at change as an opportunity to experience things you wouldn’t have otherwise experienced is the healthy way to go into it.”

Diving into the Toronto pop-up experience, Murphy mentions that “it’s a fun, interactive experience.” Excitedly, she explains what the space looks like, stating,  “At the front they have all the body wash to check out, and there’s also a positive message mirror. They also have a bubble station!”

Then, it was time to learn Annie Murphy’s go-to Dove product.

“The extra moisturizing body wash is a game changer!” says Murphy. “I go out into the winter wonderland and I love the snow and I love the cold, and within 45 seconds my skin ages about 350 years and looks super cracked and dry. This body wash is a game changer because I can run about and not have to worry about my body falling apart.”

All About The Dove #ChangeisBeautiful Pop-Up in Toronto

Now you can experience Dove’s latest innovation at the brand’s Change is Beautiful pop-up located at CF Eaton Centre in Toronto.

dove change is beautiful

Keep in mind that this Change is Beautiful pop-up opens Saturday, February 25th noon – 7 p.m. and will run until Sunday, February 26th noon – 5 p.m.

This immersive pop-up will give consumers the chance to learn all about the brand’s newest launch and the leading technology behind the latest formula. In addition to exploring the curated sections of the pop-up, consumers can also purchase a Care Package (for $5) to take home with them. The #ChangeIsBeautiful care packages will cover major skin changes including motherhood, aging, resilience (healing after surgery/injury), authenticity (transition), and general skin changes (winter/everyday skin). All the proceeds from the Dove Change is Beautiful pop-up will be going to Plan International Canada.

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