The world can be a cruel place at times, especially when it comes to the concept of beauty. However, we have the opportunity to reform and reclaim its meaning. 

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Society has rigorously imposed and implemented beauty standards throughout history, almost without remorse for the pressure and stress that are an added encumbrance. Furthermore, by dint of rapid technological advancements, people today have access to several applications and software that aid in editing pictures. With a combination of societal pressure to look “attractive” and the means to “improve”, if not completely altering the originals, we face a new dilemma: is this the beauty we strive for, and if it’s worth investing our time and self-esteem? 

A truth now widely recognized, it’s not worth it. Anything that is being achieved at the expense of our self-confidence is not a dignified cause. Therefore, many brands have taken the initiative to stimulate conversations among the masses about the unjust and unrealistic standards of beauty that society upholds. 

For example, people have been very receptive to Dove’s brilliant campaign for ‘Reverse Selfie’. A well-established brand famous for its beauty campaigns aims to use its influence in the market to talk about the dangers of social and mainstream media, bringing to light the detrimental effects of social comparison on our sense of self-worth and growth. It showcases the self-editing process rearward. Although the revelations made are appalling, the objective is to communicate that there is still hope if we just take action. 

The Importance of Selfie-Editing Awareness Campaigns

Photo Credit: Dove

The horrors of self-editing are not limited to media platforms but can translate into unhealthy habits in real life. The possibility of physical and psychological damage is very apparent, with young children being diagnosed with eating disorders to people experiencing body image distortion and degrading mental health. 

The Importance of Selfie-Editing Awareness Campaigns

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We have the means to stand up against what we know is wrong and comply with our subjective meaning of beauty. It doesn’t matter how others perceive us, we need to learn to be content with ourselves. Thus, as Dove so wisely encourages, “Have the selfie talk today.”