Moscow Terror Attack 2024: Who Attacked Moscow

Early reports are saying at least 40 people have been killed and hundreds of people injured following a brutal terrorist attack at a Moscow concert hall. At least four gunmen dressed in military gear, opened gun fire on concert goers and it is being reported that they set off explosives at Crocus City Hall on the city outskirts creating a massive fire.

The attack is being called a terrorist attack with the deliberate targeting of civilians. The terorrists reportedly used automatic rifles at the entrace of the main area of the venue, as the concert was happening. 6200 tickets were sold to this concert for Russian rockband Picnic.

One assailant has allegedly been arrested already.

Moscow Terror Attack Video

The video of the terrifying concert hall Moscow terror attack is circulating on X but please note that it includes graphic and disturbing content.

One suspect has been arrested so far, while authorities are still looking for the others who escaped in a white sedan. As of right now, some sources in Russia are also saying that authorities are inside the building and actively shooting with some terrorists believed to be inside still. So it’s possible that there were more than 4 men involved.

Moscow Concert Hall Shooting Video

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack with a post claiming they were behind it. The U.S. had issued a warning on their embassy website two weeks prior warning that extremists were going to target Moscow in a large gathering like a concert as can be seen below.

Isis message claiming attack on Moscow

Another image is being circulated of two men in a white van close to the scene that may be suspects as seen below.

Who attacked Moscow concert suspects photo

Did The US Know Moscow Was Going To Be Attacked?

Did the US know Moscow was going to be attacked

There is also an image circulating online that the US knew that there may be a terrorist attack about to happen in Moscow. Intelligence services had warned the Russian government on March 8th and they also posted an advisory on the US Embassy and Consulates in Russia website saying: “the embassy is monitoring that extremists have imminent plans to target large gatherings in Moscow, to include concerts, and US citizens should be advised to avoid gatherings over the next 48 hours.”

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