Caution: Season 4 Finale: Episode 12 spoilers ahead!

The biggest question Netflix viewers are asking right now is who got married on Love is Blind Season 4? HOLR is breaking down the couples’ fate after the latest episode aired.

Chelsea and Kwame

Married on Love is Blind: YES!

What happened? The duo’s fate ended on a cliffhanger in Episode 11, after Chelsea said “I do” and the audience was waiting for Kwame’s response. It looks like these two have found their happy ending as they both ended up saying “I do” as soon as Episode 12 started rolling. They look happy together and we wish them the best! It will be interesting to see how Kwame’s relationship with Micah gets brought up in the reunion special and whether the duo will have some conversations to work through as a result.

Micah and Paul

Married on Love is Blind: NO!

What happened? We were really rooting for these two! They both seemingly had love for one another but the question was whether or not they would be ready for marriage. When asked if she would say “I do” to Paul at the altar, Micah hesitated. She then stated, “I think that in this moment, the best thing that I can do for us is to give you the opportunity to answer first.” This shocked the crowd and Paul then answered by saying, “I don’t think that we can choose each other right now.” This caused Micah to storm off having her family and friends console her. It will be interesting to see whether or not these two have talked since filming the show at the live reunion.

Tiffany and Brett

Married on Love is Blind: YES!

What happened? These two were the only sure thing on Season 4 if we do say so ourselves! Tiffany and Brett were seemingly made for one another and their wedding was one to remember. Although there were some personal difficulties leading up to the day, these two have so much love for one another and are the perfect couple.

Bliss and Jack

Married on Love is Blind: YES!

What happened? Zack and Bliss officially tied the knot! These two were a bit of a wild card after Zack originally chose Irina but it looks like the two have found lasting love after yes to one another at the altar. They even got to dance to “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack which is a song they both love.

Love is Blind Jackelina

Jackelina and Marshall called it quits after choosing each other in the pods. The duo had a seemingly “toxic” relationship and Jackelina has since decided to pursue another contestant, Josh since her split. She has even been caught out and about with Josh recently showing that the two are still apparently going strong.


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When was Season 4 of Love is Blind filmed?

This season began filming in May of 2022.

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