Latter research suggests that Chilean expats in Canada still play live casino games in their original language. Innovations in the gaming sector have removed language barriers and facilitated seamless gaming for different cultures.

80% of Chileans speak Spanish. Therefore, it makes sense that they want to know how to find Spanish casinos to play from Canada. Playing live casino games in the Spanish language is super interesting and fun. Even Canadians who know Spanish play the native language variants once in a while.

Spanish is a globally popular language, so you can expect it to be available in most top casinos such as and so on. In fact, there are over 559 million people speaking it. Just like other languages, Spanish has its own special jargon that can’t be translated into other languages. No wonder, Chileans love playing against native live dealers speaking in Spanish.


Live casinos are a favourite for most gamblers

The whole excitement around live casino might be hard to understand especially for people who have never played this game before. Players living in Canada love to play live games for the thrill and fun of it.

Good thing is, the best live casino games also come with extra variants. Both casino operators and software developers understand the necessity of incorporating several native languages with casino games.

 Evolution Gaming is the holy grail of live casino games so it is expected for them to have various titles with Spanish speaking croupiers. Nowadays, bettors can easily find compelling Evolution variants in their native language including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker and other exotic live titles.

Former research suggests that the most proficient Chile expats in Canada use live casino games for entertainment. This does not come as a shock because playing against a dealer in real-time is extremely immersive.

The competition among gaming software companies has sparked an increase in innovation and creation for live games. These technological advancements are the force behind better streaming video quality, a wide range of angles for all games and thrilling gameplays. 


It gives home away from home

Spanish live casino games have erupted in popularity among chile expats because they offer players a ‘home away from home.’ Expats can sometimes get lonely, especially if they moved to Canada alone. Well, playing live games is an opportunity of playing against dealers and players who speak similar languages. While betting in English is equally fun, there is something comforting and extra interactive about playing in one’s native language.

Research by Frontiers in Psychology proves that lonely people are less likely to show empathy. Lack of sufficient human interaction has negative effects on a person’s mental and physical well-being. Furthermore, all numerical studies in psychology have cited that loneliness plays a huge role in poor mental health and depression. Other studies have revealed that individuals without human-to-human interaction are susceptible to decreased life satisfaction and compulsive behaviour.

The world is quickly changing and just like Covid-19,  anything can happen that will limit human interaction. That is where live casino games come in. Unlike online table games where you are playing solo vs a simulated computer, live games involve real people that players can see and speak to.

After long days at work and handling errands, one needs to relax and unwind. Spending some time in an exciting game session against Spanish speaking dealers is one way of killing loneliness. After all, this is a platform where players can fully express themselves in native language, crack inside jokes and have fun.


Finding Spanish speaking live casinos in Canada

Canadian gambling regulation requires players to only play at local casinos with Canadian licenses. However, individuals can comfortably join offshore casinos and play their favourite live games from Canada. Anyone who wants to enjoy the experience of playing Spanish live games can visit various top sites from around the world.

 However, finding a trustworthy online casino with live games for chile players might not be as easy. Especially, for people who have just moved into Canada. Well, there is a list of factors to consider when picking an online live casino. 

The first step is to check if the casino is licensed and duly registered under relevant gambling authorities. The most common gambling regulatory bodies are UK Gambling Commission, Curacao, Malta Gaming Authority and many more.

Over 77% of people playing live casino games from Canada, prefer to do it on their mobile device. Therefore, out of all features, a live casino must be mobile compatible. This is important for consistent feed and streaming of the videos. It is also vital that the game is easily visible and all buttons are navigatable on both landscape and portrait views.

Not forgetting the value of bonuses and promotions. It is always a smart move to take a look at the list of bonuses a casino offers both new and existing players. What’s better than playing all the best live games online? The answer to this question is bonuses!


Playing Spanish casino games is free and fun

In conclusion, there is a wide range of reasons why most chile expats living in Canada still play live casinos in their native language. The highlight of this new development is that players can access both free and real money games whenever they wish.

The gambling industry has an ocean of live games, too many for anyone to fully exhaust. Even if one tries, software companies are always releasing new casino games.

The skill of playing and testing many live games is a must-have for anyone who wants to be successful in the gambling world. At any rate, it is the only way to know which games work for you. A lot of ardent gamblers also play many live games to diversify their strategies. Whether it is money management, game selection, bet sizing and bluffing.

Yes, people still bluff, especially in games like live blackjack. Of course, the bluffing will be a hundred times funnier in the native language than in other languages.  

A browser can typically translate a casino page to the language of your choice. However, for Chileans to truly enjoy live casino games in their native language, they must play where dealers speak Spanish.  

 Published on Holr Magazine