Simply put, this Spotify-exclusive podcast includes “Stories about people. And sometimes crime.”

Calling all true crime junkies! If you love diving into the world of true crime, Spotify’s Crime Show is a must-listen if you’re into a documentary, true crime-based podcast series. As one of the top crime podcasts available on Spotify, be sure to tune in as the stories conduct a deep dive into people and the crimes they commit.

From “Behind The Locked Door” to “The Coma And The Coffin,” each episode is unique and the professional host always focuses on a different crime story. Crime Show releases new epodes every 2 weeks, which ensures regular access to new and interesting stories.

There are also over 30 epodes available right now to listen to, and as a Spotify Original, you can only listen to this podcast series exclusively on Spotify.

Listen to Crime Show today here.