Calling all mystery lovers- this is the Spotify podcast for you!

Unexplained Mysteries is a must-listen Spotify Original podcast from Parcast. As outlined on Spotify’s website, mystery lovers will appreciate how the platform deeply explores pieces of “seemingly unsolvable puzzles” every Tuesday and Thursday.

The investigative podcast looks at events that have taken place throughout history and take a deep dive into the seemingly unknown. For instance, a recent episode posted on December 15 dictates the question of whether or not A.I. will conquer the world as a result of new progress made in the industry.

As well, other episodes explore world events or topics such as; the Escape from Alcatraz, Time Travel, Alien Overlords, and the Mariana Trench- among others.

This is a must-listen podcast for anyone who has ever been curious about certain topics or events. Be sure to tune in every Tuesday and Thursday to listen to the latest from Unexplained Mysteries, A Spotify Podcast from Parcast.

Listen to Unexplained Mysteries on Spotify today here.

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