Have you ever had an unpopular opinion but didn’t have chance to express it? Fear not, Taylor Cox invites guests who give their unfiltered opinion that nobody likes.

Taylor Cox is a writer and comedian who invites guests to have discussions and debates about ignored opinions they are adamant about. And guess what? they would die on the hill for them. This one is a must listen.

This podcast features different topics touching upon how sports is bad. Yep, you heard it right. Imagine saying that sports is bad, but a guests come and explain further. How about saying that Twitter is better than novels? It’s absurd to say that, but not on this podcast. These are just some of the themes amongst many other controversial ones.

So come along and listen to these unfiltered beliefs. Maybe you disagreed with something before, but an episode persuaded you into changing your mind. Or even better, this will help you speak your mind without hesitation.

Regardless of the outcome, you don’t need to have a purpose to listen to this podcast. You can listen to it here.

Published by: HOLR Magazine.