Take your mind a mile higher! This podcast series is all about crime, conspiracy, and cognizance.

Introducing Mile Higher. The podcast is hosted by husband and wife duo Josh Thomas and Kendall Rae. It’s all about crime, conspiracy, and cognizance, with a strong focus on True Crime.

The two also dive into other topics which include conspiracy theories, unexplained phenomena, metaphysics, futurism, ancient civilizations, and news stories.

In addition to being hosted by Josh and Kendall, Mile Higher also features guests from time to time. These guests, or experts in the talked-about topics, share the duo’s strong passion for uncovering the truth and exploring mysteries.

If you’re interested in tuning into the Mile Higher podcast series, new episodes are released every Monday. There are currently almost 200 shows available to listen to right now.

The two also have a YouTube channel you can watch every Wednesday.

Listen to the Mile Higher Podcast with Josh Thomas and Kendall Rae here.

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