Featuring Toni Lodge and Ryan Jon!

Get ready to giggle!

The Spotify Original podcast, featuring Toni Lodge and Ryan Jon is a must-listen and must-add to your podcast list!

From dating horror stories to naughty jokes to everything in between, Toni and Ryan are here to spill all, as outlined on the Spotify website. This podcast has it all, seriously!

“This podcast is hot, fun garbage and we (Toni Lodge and Ryan Jon here in Melbourne, Australia) would love you to climb aboard and be our friends.”

This is the perfect podcast to listen to any time of day because Toni and Ryan cover a range of different topics for their audience. We’re listed some of our must-listen episodes below if you’re looking to check out the podcast!

  • Sniffing Strangers-would you tell a stranger if they smell good? Toni and Ryan discuss this and more!
  • Is This Still Available– this episode is all about bad dates and annoying Facebook Marketplace chat encounters.

The two also dive into the ups and downs of relationships through their hilarious and ultra-relatable conversations.

Trust us, Toni and Ryan are the duo you never knew you needed to listen to.

Listen to Toni and Ryan, a Spotify Original, today here.


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