The Full Send Podcast is the transition of the youtube famous group the NELK boys who have reached 7 million subscribers on youtube where they have become a group of boundary-pushing boys who do pranks and act like frat boys. 


The podcast is their space to transition from those crazy boys who have made people laugh, to a place where they can get serious and maybe start acting their age. The podcast hosted by NELK boys Kyle Forgard and Bob Menery has only been around for 2 seasons and 30 episodes, with names like Dana White, Jordan Belford, Shaq, Mike Tyson and many more famous celebrities, entrepreneurs and entertainment ventures. 

The boys have used the podcast space as a way to talk business, the business of the NELK boys themselves, the merch of their brand Full Send, and a place to invite celebrities, entrepreneurs and many more people who have an influence on the business world. In a more recent video, the NELK boys themselves talked to former president Donald Trump where they discussed Joe Rogan, Putin and WW3. 

The Full Send podcast is available wherever you subscribe or on Spotify

Article published by HOLR Magazine