Today’s community is approaching the deadline to respond to climate change and pollution. We are in serious danger of getting closer to the point of no return for carbon dioxide emissions and one of the main contributors is the fashion industry, that’s why there are some brands that have thought about what they can do to help by sharing their designs across the world with an important message. 

Making the decision to create upcycled fashion is not only going to help the ecosystem to recover from all these years of pollution, but it can also improve expenses as we reuse and transform scraps, fabric leftovers, and also fishing nets to make amazing pieces. This is also going to give us a unique and original touch as Lucy Siegle said “Fast fashion isn’t cheap, someone, somewhere is paying for it.”

We can mention some important brands as an example of this new trend:




Alessandra Ambrosio, Kaia Gerber, and also Cindy’s Crawford daughter have worn these vintage jeans. The story behind RE/DONE starts with Jamie Mazur the founder and Sean Barron co-founder of the brand. Both Jamie and Sean share the same opinion that fast fashion and the insatiable consuming culture is leaving too much damage. Jamie has always had a passion for denim and its discolouration but the perfect discolouration could only be done with a lot of chemicals that inturn get spread throughout rivers. What RE/DONE does is upcycle Levis denim jeans, they reconstruct them. The process starts with picking specifically every jean that is going to be used, after that, the washing process begins with the same amount of water that we use in our homes. Finally, the reconstruction of the denim, followed by one last washing process.

Mazur says that the important part of having a brand is the impact that it has and raising awareness of the importance to consume consciously.


Christoph Rumpf


This Austrian designer says that fashion has the goal of inducing dreams. Rumpf was a fashion student who introduced himself into the industry rapidly and with great success being awarded as 34th Hyéres winner in 2018. Josh Galliano´s collection was the inspiration for his pieces he presented in his winner collection of deconstructed men’s clothing using second-hand clothes, an old carpet that transformed into a jacket and trousers, and a necklace made from a lamp. As a young designer that is starting in this world, Christoph Rumpf feels like one of the most important and influential designers raising the upcycling tendency.


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