The latest fashion trend isn’t a seasonal colour or a must-have style, It is the concept of sustainable fashion and eco-friendly clothing.

Brands are becoming increasingly mindful and are utilizing more eco-friendly production methods, including low-impact dying, upcycling natural materials, and growing organic pesticide-free cotton. 

Check out these eco-friendly clothing labels for sustainable fashion finds.


Good on you

From growing the cotton to dyeing and finishing, it takes over 2,000 gallons of water just to make one pair of jeans. Levi’s focuses on the finishing processes to remove water wherever possible with its waterless collection, which it says uses up to 96% less water to make. As Levi’s is such a big player in the denim industry, steps like this can actually have an impact. On top of that, the brand publicly shares its in-depth sustainability commitments throughout the product lifecycle.


Alternative Apparel:

For casual closet staples like T-shirts, hoodies, leggings, and more, Alternative Apparel focuses on using organic cotton and recycled materials. The pieces have a worn-in, vintage look that’s timeless so they won’t go in and out of style. The brand also uses more sustainable packaging and low-impact dyes, and it follows strict ethical standards for the factories it sources from. And it’s not just for women: there are also styles for men and kids.


Wear Next


When you are a universal brand like Boden, your sourcing and supply chain are of the utmost importance because, quite frankly, it has the most significant impact on the environment. Boden follows through when it comes to sustainability. The company uses sustainable and organic fabrics whenever possible, builds partnerships around the world, and is ethical in every step of the supply chain. And since it stocks apparel for adults, children, and babies, it can be your one-stop-shop for the entire family.


Sustainable Ethical fashion


Whether you want to build your wardrobe from the ground up or need a bit of assistance, Vetta does it all. The company specializes in creating themed five-piece capsule collections (like “Edgy” or “Refined,” for example) that can be reworked into a month’s worth of outfits. If having the final say is more your speed, you can also buy the items individually. From its wrap dresses to its reversible miniskirts, Vetta uses organic and Pima cotton, natural linen, Tencel, deadstock fabric, recycled polyester, and more for a better fit, every time.


Eco Warrior Princess


All of the cotton garments from this brand are certified organic by GOTS, so you know the entire manufacturing process follows organic guidelines. They are also Fair Trade Certified, which looks at ethical factors like wages and working conditions. The clothes themselves are mostly soft and comfy staples that you can wear every day, but there are also pyjamas and underwear so you can opt for organic 24/7. This one also makes clothing for the whole family, including men, kids, and babies.

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Published on HOLR Magazine.