Why is Nair Butt Video trending? HOLR is breaking down the viral video.

HOLR is breaking down why “Nair Butt Video” is a top trending topic right now.

Nair Hair Removal Video

What is the Nair hair removal video? Allegedly, Kevin Leonardo took to social media to post a Nair hair removal tutorial that seemingly went viral on TikTok and left users supposedly traumatized after watching, as noted here.

Nair Hair Removal Video Kevin

In the YouTube video demonstrating how to use the product, Leonardo told users how to wax their butt hair using Nair hair removal in a post that has now gone viral online. The video was seemingly titled ‘Removing BUTT HAIRS Using NAIR Cream – A Visual Guide!’ in which it contained NSFW content as reportedly outlined in the headline.

Nair Video Kevin

Social media users took to the platform to discuss the trending video, where many users joked about the content and others thought Nair should sponsor Leonardo for being real and authentic. HOLR will not be linking to the video as it contains NSFW content.

Leonardo took to Instagram to share some comments her received since posting the viral video in this recent post:


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