What is the cow tipping video all about? HOLR breaks down the alleged trending video.

Cow tipping is a trend that seemingly went viral online.  HOLR is breaking it down below.

Cow Tipping Meaning

What does cow tipping mean? According to this article, it is a trend that allegedly went viral online of people going up to cows- most often resting or even sleeping in a field- surprising and pushing them over. Keep in mind, this was allegedly done for entertainment purposes. People supposedly attempted the trend and filmed it for social platforms such as TikTok.

Allegedly, the article also details that the cow tipping claim first came about in the 1970s or 80s and it made its way into modern-day society through being seemingly referenced in film.

Cow Tipping Real Or Not

As mentioned in the article posted by HITC, it was debated whether or not cow tipping was real or not. It turns out, it’s not real.  The article mentioned that this is a “mythical activity” and that it’s pretty much impossible to tip over a cow with just a push as adult cows can weigh between 720 kg-1,100 kg.

As well, it was alleged that cows could be pushed over while sleeping. Again, this is seemingly not true as cows typically lie down to sleep.

Published by HOLR Magazine.