Natalie Portman Marriage

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied

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According to Us Weekly, Natalie Portman and husband, Benjamin Millepied, have decided to separate. The news come shortly after the actress was spotted not wearing her wedding ring on August 4, when they were supposed to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary.

Recently, news about Benjamin’s affair with 25-year-old Camille Étienne became public.

“After news of his affair came out, they’ve been trying to work on their marriage but are currently on the outs,” an insider opened up to Us Weekly about their relationship status.

In June 2023, when the affair was public, another insider addressed the situation and spoke about how Natalie Portman handles it. “Natalie believes Benjamin’s affair was a brief and stupid liaison that means nothing to him,” the person said, as noted by the same article. In addition, she was “willing to see if she’s capable of rebuilding her trust” so their children will not “grow up in a broken home.”

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied

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Portman and Millepied met in 2009 while shooting the movie Black Swan. 

According to this article, Millepied’s affair was first published by a French magazine, Voici, which posted photos of Millepied and Étienne entering his office and leaving it separately two hours later. According to the French article, Portman allegedly discovered the affair several months before the rumors started to swirl.

At that time, another source confessed that they were trying to save their marriage.

“They have not split and are trying to work things out. Ben is doing everything he can to get Natalie to forgive him. He loves her and their family.” the insider said, as noted here.

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