Natasha Leggero is going viral for reported;y flashing her breasts while on stage.

Natasha Leggero TMZ

According to this video posted by TMZ, comedian Leggero is going viral after flashing her breasts on stage to the audience during one of her recent comedy act performances at the Hollywood Improv.

Image Credit: TMZ via @natashaleggero Instagram

Natasha Leggero Video

In the video, Leggero can be seen peeling off her clothes and revealing her breasts to the crowd.

She posted the incident on her Instagram channel here, along with the following caption:

“bert took his shirt off so i did too. improv said not to post but tmz already did so f it. Should female comics be able to do the same things as male comics? Because ive also been thinking about trying to fuck my opener”

She also included the photos from TMZ in her post, which show her taking off her clothes and exposing her breasts.

People took to the comment section to show their support, such as one from this user:

The video has since gone viral online.

What do you think about Leggero questioning if “female comics” should be “able to do the same things as male comics?”

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