You’ve probably already heard of them, but if you haven’t, it’s never too late.

Covenant House Toronto is the reason 90’000+ homeless youth have found a place to sleep at night, an ear to hear their voices, and the help they couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. While catering to the immediate crisis of at-risk youth, Covenant House doesn’t miss the bigger picture, obvious from their overall 5 year plan. This strategic mission “addresses gaps in services and creates more opportunities for our young people to move successfully into independence” – Covenant House.


On January 2nd, Covenant House house received a humbling surprise. Without any recognition or premeditated partnership, Toronto restaurant Pizza Rustica gave back to the community in an honourable way by forgoing sleep and cooking until 4 in the morning, resulting in 50 fresh boxes of pizza being delivered to the center. Its selfless acts like these that form the smiles on the faces of these at-risk youth, and lets them know that the community cares and keeps them in our thoughts.


So what can you do?

Toronto’s most impactful shelter for homeless youth is doing incredible things in the city where you can get involved. On April 5th 2018, Covenant House is hosting an initiative called “Sleep Out: Champions Edition” which is an opportunity for any and everyone, to get together with family, friends, colleagues and other community members and collectively make a difference. “The Concept is Simple” Covenant house says. To make a big change, the initiative surrounds taking to the streets for a night and experience the life of those we are trying to change. What better way to connect with the community than to walk in the shoes of individuals who need our help the most. Not only has Covenant house raised over $6 million dollars to date through their Sleep Out initiative, it also gives the community a sense of connectedness, something that a price cannot be put on.


For details on the event, please click here.


Hope to see you there!