Is Nick Chubb injured? HOLR breaks down the news.

Nick Chubb, #24 running back of the  Cleveland Browns, recently allegedly suffered only a torn MCL despite his ACL being stretched during his recent injury, according to this article.

Nick Chubb Injury Video

CAUTION: Watch with caution

The following TikTok video posted by user @boozeballbets reportedly showcases Chubb’s injury that he suffered during the game.


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Nick Chubb Injury Update

Chubb suffered a knee injury recently during a game. Chubb was hit following a 5-yard gain in the second quarter as mentioned here. This injury took place during the team’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday.

How long is Nick Chubb going to be out for?

Chubb is reportedly out right now but his injury is allegedly not career-ending, according to this article. There is no definite timeline for when the athlete is expected to come back although he is seemingly out for the season.

What do you think about the injury?

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