While last summer saw the rise of hard seltzers with big brands sinking their claws into the market, we’re here to tell you that the biggest seltzer launch has just dropped. This month, there’s a new hard seltzer in town, Vizzy, the first hard seltzer with Superfruit Acerola Cherry. 

With unique dual flavours that are newer, bigger and bolder than anything you’ve tried before, Vizzy isn’t just another hard seltzer. Vizzy is hitting the shelves, which means thirsty Canadians can get their drink on while supporting a brand that stands for a bold and fun approach to positivity and good vibes. So go on, grab one of their four unique flavours: 

Pineapple Mango – Close your eyes and picture an exotic tropical paradise. Now open your eyes and let the natural flavour of sweet pineapple and juicy mango transport you to your happy place. 

Blueberry Pomegranate – They took the rich, velvety taste of blueberries and paired it with smooth pomegranate to create this mind-blowing natural flavour for Vizzy Hard Seltzer. Grab one and let your taste buds frolic in this fruity-tangy blend of delicious natural flavour! 

Black Cherry Lime – You know that lush, sweet flavour you get from black cherries? Combine it with refreshing natural cherry lime flavour – and enjoy a whole new level of zesty citrus heaven. 

Strawberry Kiwi – Say “Oh Yeah” to a burst of a combined natural flavour of tropical kiwi and strawberries. Crack open this tasty Vizzy Hard Seltzer and take your palate for a walk on the juicy side. 

Vizzy has 5% ABV, 100 calories per 355ml and is available at your local liquor store in 355ml (12 packs) and 473ml (single cans). Remember you must be of age and to drink responsibly!

For more information, you can access vizzyhardseltzer.com and their Instagram @vizzyhardseltzerca.