It is always a frenzy outside of Spring Studios. New York’s main stage for fashion week shows serves as a unique moment for picture-perfect moments.

The number of outfits fleeting by through the streets of Soho and into the front doors of the venue creates a moving collage of personal tastes, runway-inspired pieces and colour combinations that you never knew you loved. Holding these moments still with images of character shaping outfits is a job our Director of Photography has to maneuver.

“I am really looking for someone who is wearing their outfit with confidence. I think that’s the part of fashion that never goes out of style. It’s not a game of paparazzi, I like to capture a persons personality at the same time.”
– Joshua Davies, Director of Photography.

When it’s fashion week, there is a sparkle of pre-meditation that goes into the outfits unlike any other time of the year.

“I’m trying to find a statement piece within the entire outfit. Sometimes it can seem overdone if the confidence is lost.  It doesn’t feel genuine at the moment, or look genuine in the final result.”
– Joshua Davies, Director of Photography. 



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