Nicki Minaj was reportedly arrested in Amsterdam. Here’s what we know about the singer and the incident caught on film.

Nicki Minaj Arrested

This video posted by user @evoontiktok on TikTok seemingly shows singer Nicki Minaj being arrested in Amsterdam for alleged drug possession, while on tour.


BREAKING NEWS! Here’s a video of Nicki Minaj Getting arrested in amsterdam over allegedly having Pre rolls in her Bag! Nicki minaj has claimed that they were her securites. Do you believe her? #breakingnews #nickiminaj #arrested #foryou #teamwork

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In the clip, Minaj can be heard asking, “Where am I going?” She is then ushered somewhere and asks again, “For what?” to which an officer replies to the “police station.” This is allegedly because she is being accused of “carrying drugs.” “I’m not carrying drugs,” says Minaj in the viral video.

The officer then tells her that it is “not a question” and that it is “smart” for her to go inside the vehicle.

Minaj then says that she is not going in the car because she needs a lawyer present “now.”

“So I’m under arrest?” Minaj questions, to which the officer replies, “yes” after telling her that they would help her get to her show later. When she asks what she is under arrest for, the officer states that she needs to go inside the vehicle. She is then asked to stop filming and the video cuts out shortly after she asks who will be joining her inhe vehicle.

Nicki Minaj Amsterdam 

As this related article by TMZ states, Minaj has taken to Twitter to discuss the events in a series of posts.

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