NIHL is a brand based on expressionism and artistry, the brand speaks using iconic symbols and signifiers as tools to break down cultural constructs and that’s exactly what it did at New York Fashion Week. 

NIHL is founded by artist and designer Neil Grotzinger, who was born and raised in Colorado Neil felt the brand was best fulfilled on the saturated concepts of masculinity and femininity, especially in his midwestern upbringing. 

The Fall/ Winter 2022 collection is a breakdown of cultural constructs and Neil has put these constructs back together in a way that is socially empowering for everyone. 

Look 7:


In look 7, the model is wearing a spandex 2 piece in black, this spandex has is minimal covers of the torso and chest area which is something that for both men and women it has become a controversial aspect of clothing. For NIHL they have made it so that it still is fashionable enough to wear, but also makes a statement.  

Look 12:


In look 12 the model is wearing an open cropped shirt and mini skirt. This is another piece that has had controversy for a lot of western-world people, allowing any gender to wear a skirt or a dress, with NIHL allowing it to be more accessible, allows for the western world to become accepting of it. 

Look 13:


Jumpers have become an industrial look that both men and women have been rocking, creating looks with chunky boots and adding accessories that make it a little bit more feminine. In look 13, the model is wearing a pink industrial jumper with a longbow and what looks to be a more sheer material. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine