Off-White became a fast-growing Italian streetwear brand in 2012, and now just 10 years in the brand has lost its creative director and founder Virgil Abloh, many followers are wondering what will be next for the brand? 

In 2012, Virgil founded Off-White, a brand that he knew would be the place to express all his knowledge and creativity. Virgil once said, Off-White means being in the great area of both high-end fashion and streetwear, and what he creates in the dialogue between the two mediums. 

That is exactly what Virgil did, in the early 2010’s everyone loved Off-White for its simplicity, but also how unique he made a graphic tee look, and Virgil loved his graphic tees. Once the brand truly look off it became a steady brand, known under the luxury or high-end umbrella that is fashion. From there the more ‘hype’ the brand got, the more collaborations had happened and so on. Off-White not only did collaborations with bigger brands, but it was those brands that were grateful to be collaborating with Vigril and his creative direction. 


Now, 10 years young, the brand that is Off-White will be changed forever. As Virgil passed away in late 2021, many were heartbroken at the loss of such a great artist and visionary, and many more wondered where his legacy was going and who would fill the shoes that Virgil left to be filled. 

The brand was always Virgil’s most prized possession, even when acquired by LVMH, Virgil was still in the power of the house and had full creative control over the brand, its business and everything else. Now, the business side of the brand may still be unclear, but what has been said is the brand is intended to go “full steam ahead.” 

Andrea Grilli CEO of Off-White says that there are endless amounts of ideas that Virgil had that will “harness the legacy” he left behind, “The fuel being poured into the brand, it’s for decades, for centuries. Virgil would have wanted us to do it. He always said this has to be a multi-generational brand; our kids need to go on Rodeo Drive and Rue Saint-Honoré and see it.”

This both shows and means that the legacy and imagery that Virgil had for the brand will be showcased in the coming years, for what can be said, the next foreseeable future will have ideas the Virgil himself had for the brand, and at least for now, nobody is here to change that. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine