Obakki is a lifestyle brand that brings people together and connects them through ancient craftsmanship and modern design. 

Obakki partners with world-class artisans who make products that bring meaning and connection into your home, from baskets, furniture and much more. Obakki takes pride in how they partner with these artisans from around the world that help the process of making their products come to life. At Obakki, they are part of every step from ensuring the quality of life of the artisans themselves, to making sure their practices are ethical and sustainable, for themselves, their communities and the world. 

When it comes to the craft around the Obakki products, the generational education passed down from artisan to artisan is very crucial and important, in order for Obakki to make products they need to trust the process which allows them to allow their artisans to take full control, and give them their cultural independence when making these products. 

In Guerrero state in Mexico is where Obakki works with local palm weavers to create many of the pieces, including baskets, totes, trays and other palm-based accessories.

Structured Palm Tote $80:


Handmade in Mexico this tote is perfect for running errands, going to the beach or even as a purse. From size to structure, this tote is made from natural materials and has a sturdy design. 

Woven Palm Pendant $275:


Made from the same natural fibres and handmade in Mexico, this natural woven palm pendant light fixture will add a warm, beachy aesthetic to any room. 

Bola Pitcher $90:


Handmade in Mexico, this bola pitcher design brings the heritage into your home, showing the details of the natural palm fibres, these pitchers come in 2 colours to fit your aesthetic. 

Casserole Dish with Lide $130: 


This glazed casserole dish is the perfect accessory for your kitchen, with the woven palm casserole holder handmade in Mexico, giving your kitchen a stylish look. 

Fierro Serving Tray $120:


A perfect accessory to add to your kitchen, weathering you using it for serving or just for display, the hand-woven design will add character to your home. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine