How Bali provides insanely cheap affordable costs of living and why you should visit Bali! Designated the world’s best place to go on retreat, this incredible island offers an entire world of paradise.

Okay, so you’re planning on going on a trip to Bali… Awesome! Remember that it’s always important to budget your trips before you get there to avoid any unexpected costs. This article will take you through a (rough) estimate of how expensive a trip will be and what you can expect while you’re there.


Obviously, you will have to purchase a plane ticket to get to Bali. How much this will cost you will depend on where you’re flying from and when you’re flying there. One of the best times to fly to Bali is right between the hot season and wet season, specifically October – November. During this time it will still be sunny for the vast majority of your trip with the least amount of other tourists in comparison to the amount of sunshine. If this does not fit your schedule, the best times to go are during the hot season which lasts from April to October. The very worst months to travel are the end of December to early February, this is because the worst showers happen during this time and the beaches become filled with garbage during this time as well.

When deciding to travel to Bali, you will get a tourist visa which lasts 30 days, although for the amazingly affordable experience once in Bali many people wish to stay longer. This can be achieved by extending your visa to two months, and it is best to do this as soon as you land in Bali by going to an immigration office and having it extended there instead of driving back to the office in the middle of your trip to extend the visa.

Place To Stay

Now you’ve landed in Bali and need a place to stay, with the affordability you can do this once you land or well before arriving, either way, there will be incredibly affordable locations available to you. You can get a private villa with its own personal pool for only $9 a night per person! The cost of living in Bali is insanely cheap, and the longer you stay in a location the lucratively better prices are offered. Often these phenomenal locations come with wifi and cleaning 3 times a week. Some locations will come with their own personal gyms! Bali is a tourist island designed to be a paradise for you, and all at an incredibly cheap cost, it’s no wonder there is such a large expat community that has moved there.


Not only is the food also insanely affordable here too, but due to the community that predominantly lives here, the food is some of the most health-conscious in the world and has developed a competitive spirit for who can serve the most delicious healthy meal. So you can feast yourself on delicious food at great pricing and know that the whole time that the food is incredibly healthy for you! Just don’t eat from the food vendors, and try to stick within established venues as you don’t want to risk food poisoning while on your trip. The average meal you will have will cost around $8 with food and drinks.


With so many places to see and things to do on the island, getting around comes quite important, luckily there are affordable options for you to travel freely anywhere in Bali. The most common mode of transportation is a motorbike, which you can rent for on average $80 a month.  GOJEK, Grab, and Blue Bird taxi are ride-sharing apps that function like Uber and provide a great way to get around the island. They are safer than motorbikes, though not as fun. A ride from Denpasar airport (the main airport) to Seminyak (a very popular tourist location) only costs $5 – 6 to travel 10.5 km with drive time being roughly 30 – 45 mins.

Total Cost

With everything included above, and the occasional massage once or twice a week, as well as some late-night partying with alcohol, the total cost for an entire month in Bali can be around $1000 for the life of luxury. This price drops drastically should you spend less than a month here, but already you can see how affordable paradise can be. The best part is, that during covid if you work from home and will continue working online, you can work from Bali and actually save money while living in paradise. So what’s stopping you from coming to Bali and living the life of your dreams?

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