Leading global fashion powerhouse Oh Polly is committed to investing in the wellbeing among its colleagues and customers, providing a range of initiatives to support their mental health needs.

Oh Polly has a long-standing history of charitable support, recently donating to Alder Hey Children’s Charity during Easter. The company understands the importance of giving back to the community and supporting those in need. Oh Polly is proud to announce their new charity incentive, supporting UK-based Shout and US-based SeekHer Foundation–two charities driven to make real change in the mental health space. Throughout May 2023, customers are encouraged to donate £5 in order to receive 25% off Oh Polly and sister brand Bo+Tee.

In addition to their charitable work, Oh Polly provides a range of resources to colleagues through their ‘Polly Health and Wellbeing’ hub. This includes an Employee Assistance Programme which provides a 24-hour helpline and counselling to colleagues, as well as an app that provides a wealth of self-service content, such as resources, meditation and workouts.

Oh Polly is dedicated to ensuring the positive wellbeing of their colleagues and has on-site Mental Health First Aiders and Suicide Prevention Support. They have also worked closely with the Martin Gallier Project to provide additional expert support for mental health and wellbeing.

The company understands the importance of physical activity for mental health and offers complimentary gym memberships and a cycle to work scheme to encourage active and healthy lifestyles. Colleagues also have access to fresh fruit on site, helping to encourage healthy eating habits.

Oh Polly’s commitment to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing is an ongoing priority. By continuing to support mental health initiatives, Oh Polly is dedicated to creating a positive and healthy work environment for all colleagues.

Oh Polly offer a new charity incentive this May where shoppers will receive 25% off when they donate £5.