Olivia Culpo is in hot water after it was revealed she commented on a creator’s post who did not like her wedding dress.

July 4, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @georgiejxmes, Olivia Culpo, and her husband are firing back at a content creator who openly stated that she wasn’t a fan of the meaning behind Culpo’s wedding dress.

Culpo and Christian McCaffrey got married this past Saturday, June 29, in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, in which Culpo donned a conservative Dolce & Gabbana custom gown for the ceremony.

A content creator on TikTok, Gown Eyed Girl, took to the platform here to discuss Culpo’s look, in which she claimed that she had been a bridal creator for 4 years and has never said this before but she did “not like” Culpo’s wedding ceremony gown.

She alleged that all of the things surrounding the dress leave a “bitter aftertaste.” The creator claimed that Culpo stated she didn’t want to exude sex in any way and that the dress should be as serious as she takes the covenant of marriage. The creator claimed that there is nothing wrong with having a modest wedding gown but that the way Culpo went about this description went beyond wanting to dress modestly and, instead, discussed the idea of “what all brides should look like,” alleged the creator.

The creator also called out Culpo’s designers as they have been controversial in the past.

The creator thought it was strange that Culpo went for a modest design when she does not dress modestly on a day-to-day basis. Others in the comment pointed out how Culpo’s afterparty look was also drastically different in comparison to her ceremony look.

Well, Culpo and McCaffrey allegedly went to the comment section to call out the creator, claiming she was reportedly stating “evil” things in her remarks, as outlined in @georgiejxmes’ TikTok video.

Apparently, the pair were sending these messages while on their honeymoon.

The creator defended her remarks stating how Culpo’s words came across to other people. She stated that the gown looked beautiful and Culpo looked “stunning” but doubled down on how she didn’t agree with “everything surrounding” the dress.

What do you think about this alleged drama?

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