How did Olivia Munn face breast cancer fear?

Olivia Munn Breast Cancer

Olivia Munn‘s journey through a ‘Terrifying’ Breast Cancer Diagnosis has been a profound experience, marked by four surgeries in ten months, including a double mastectomy and medically induced menopause. In a new interview with PEOPLE, she recently opened up about the emotional challenges she faced, the support from her partner John Mulaney, and her ongoing advocacy for breast cancer prevention.

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Munn, known for her resilience, faced immense fear when confronted with breast cancer, especially with her young son Malcolm at home.


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As mentioned on her Instagram Post, she underwent a series of surgeries, including a lymph node dissection, a nipple delay procedure, and a double mastectomy, guided by her medical team’s expertise. Despite clear mammogram results and a negative BRCA cancer gene test prior to her diagnosis, Munn’s cancer went undetected until a routine appointment where her ob-gyn calculated her high lifetime breast cancer risk.

She captioned the viral post, “I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
I hope by sharing this it will help others find comfort, inspiration and support on their own journey.”

Reflecting on her decision-making process, Munn emphasized the importance of being vocal about personal preferences during medical treatments. Throughout her ordeal, Mulaney’s unwavering support played a crucial role in Munn’s recovery.

Now, Munn is focused on raising awareness about breast cancer prevention and advocating for women’s health. Her experience has deepened her perspective on what truly matters in life, centered around her role as a mother to Malcolm. Despite the challenges ahead, including physical changes and symptoms, Munn remains resilient and grateful for the opportunity to fight for her health and cherish moments with her son.

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