Breast Cancer Canada has newly rebranded. Previously known as the Breast Cancer Society of Canada, the organization is on a mission to raise awareness by providing insights into the knowledge and understanding of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Canada

Breast Cancer Canada

For more than 30 years, the Breast Cancer Society of Canada has been a leading organization for breast cancer research. Recently, the brand took to its platform to announce a rebrand aimed at renewing its commitment to research-driven change.

Breast Cancer Canada

Breast Cancer Canada

Canadians and breast cancer

Did you know that three-quarters of Canadians feel they have more to learn about breast cancer and how it could affect them? Canadians ultimately feel unprepared for when they, or a loved one, receive a breast cancer diagnosis, and this has been determined based on a new national survey conducted by Breast Cancer Canada.

“Given that one-in-eight women in Canada will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, the results from our Angus Reid poll were shocking to see,” said Kimberly Carson, CEO of Breast Cancer Canada. “We conducted this survey to get a benchmark of Canadian’s knowledge and awareness of breast cancer and clearly there is an opportunity for Canadians t know more about the disease that affects us all.”

The study showcased that 87% of those who responded who had been diagnosed with breast cancer felt unprepared for when they or a loved one received a diagnosis. However, 74% of Canadians trust healthcare professionals to properly identify, diagnose and treat cancer.

Breast Cancer Canada is continuing this fight to drive change by providing insights into the knowledge and understanding of breast cancer. As a result of this, the more we know about breast cancer, the sooner we can end it.

Breast Cancer Canada

Breast Cancer Canada

About Breast Cancer Canada and the “Know More” Campaign

Breast Cancer Canada is dedicated to reminding individuals about the risks and elevating awareness surrounding breast cancer so those affected can be fully aware of the power of knowledge and research surrounding the diagnosis, resources, and treatments. In this regard, the organization is launching a provocative, multimedia campaign aimed at demonstrating the progress that has been made involving breast cancer research.

The “Know More” Campaign evokes raw emotion and emphasizes that “behind every survivor is a researcher on a mission,” where the impact of charity and the power of research is widely recognized.

The brand’s purpose is centered on saving lives through breast cancer research and will continue to evolve to stay accessible and current within today’s ever-changing society. As a result, Breast Cancer Canada is funding cancer research with a focus on precision oncology, by refining research in pursuit of ending breast cancer for good.

Breast Cancer Canada

Breast Cancer Canada

HOLR was invited to attend a virtual event hosted by Breast Cancer Canada

In order to commemorate the brand’s latest rebrand, Breast Cancer Canada held an informative panel involving trusted professionals, survivors, and organization members. Below are the individuals who headed the discussion:

Kimberly Carson – CEO of Breast Cancer Canada

Dr. Marc Webster – Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, Breast Cancer Canada, Medical Oncologist, Tom Baker Cancer Centre, and Researcher, University of Calgary

Shaniah Leduc – Scientific Advisor and Board Chair of Breast Cancer Canada

Sandra and Mikayla Grant-Mentis – Mother and Daughter, Survivor and Thriver

Kim MacDonald – Survivor and Thriver

Each speaker had a story to tell or information to share regarding their personal experience with breast cancer. The panel was extremely moving and openly shed light on the impact that breast cancer has on all of our lives. As an attendee, HOLR will continue to have these discussions with colleagues in the industry, because knowledge is power. The more we know, the more we can work towards ending breast cancer as a collective whole.

For more information on Breast Cancer Canada’s ongoing mission, you can visit

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