The right accessories can carry us through summer and make styling an enjoyable and seamless process. Dainty pairings are what we see most, and rightfully so. These minimal, detail-oriented pieces maintain that authentic, vintage feel, but are re-imagined by new brands making their names known in the world of jewelry.

We turned to brands Mejuri, Melanie Auld, and Wanderlust + Co for pieces that work in a variety of instances. They  play with shapes and curvature to offer a unique structure, differentiating these brands from other millennial-targeted jewelry lines. This allows them to put more emphasis on the creative direction of each piece.


Pisces Necklace | Shop here

Founded by Noura Sakkijha in Toronto, this brand masters the art of resonating with the millennial audience in a way merely done so by a jewelry brand before. The mantra is to make these fluid, luxury pieces an everyday part of our lives. This is done by breaking down the barrier of jewelry only being meant for a big occasion, or gift. Majority of their 14k gold pieces are custom made, which is an integral part of their brand. 


Iris Goddess Silver Necklace | Shop here 

Wanderlust + Co’s jewels are hand-crafted using a variety of high-quality materials, including suede, glass, beads, cubic zirconia stones and metal. The metal pieces are usually plated with 14K-24K gold or Rhodium silver. The brand has built a range of intuitive, individualized looks that maintain affordability without sacrificing quality.


Full Heart Necklace | Shop here

Another Canadian brand, though this time designed in Vancouver, Melanie Auld is a self-titled and launched in 2013. Using the entire globe for stone sourcing opportunities, each stone is custom cut, giving Melanie Auld an endless range of unique cuts and shapes. The work environment is full of female empowerment, which translates into their bold pieces.

Building your repertoire of jewelry to last you, should’ve gotten a lot easier. Happy shopping!

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